The history of the beer from the tank

Piwo z tanka

The Tank Beer technology has begun in the beginning of the 80ies of the XX c. in Holland. The precursor was a brewer, namely Jan Emmels who worked in the Dommelsch brewery, he saw the beer quality improvement in this technology right then.

The Dutch Grolsch brewery started to mount the tanks in 1981 Presently, around 600 locations in Holland, which belong to the SABMiller company, sell beer from the tanks (Grolsch, PilsnerUrquell).

The Czech Pilsner brewery started to mount the tanks in 1994 Presently, around 650 locations in Czech, which belong to the SABMiller company, sell beer from the tanks (PU, Gambrinus, Radegast, Kozel)

Kompania Piwowarska is the first Polish brewery that mounts the tanks in Poland – the first installations were created in 2012 in the southern part of the country.

What is exactly the 14-days Tyskie Gronie beer

swieze piwo z tanka

Pilzen type beer, with a distinct hop aroma and noble slight bitterness, saturated with carbon dioxide and providing rich froth.

Exceptionally fresh beer – delivered to the location in 24 hours from brewing and sold only for 14 days from the moment of opening the tank.

It is submitted to pasteurization, microfiltration and any other preservation process. Therefore, only 14 days lifetime.

The beer is transported and stored in special tanks. The beer sustains the perfect temperature and is protected from the air. That is why 14-days Tyskie Gronie maintains full flavour and aroma.

Naturally gentle, owning to lesser saturation. Its exceptional freshness can be sensed in each sip.

Comparison of the beer from the keg and from the tank


  • Pasteurised beer
  • Delivered to the warehouse
  • Cooled only in the installation
  • The beer is in contact with CO2
  • The beer lifetime, after opening the keg is 3 days
  • Beer losses during exchanging the kegs
  • Beer saturated with CO2


  • Unpasteurised beer
  • Beer straight from the brewery
  • Cooling from the brewery to the glass
  • The beer is not in contact with oxygen or CO2
  • The beer lifetime, after opening the tank is 14 days
  • No beer losses during exchanging the tanks
  • Beer without an additional CO2 saturation
maciej smolarek pianka z tanka

piwo z tanka na wynos

Beer from a tank to take away

We offer also 14-days Tyskie Gronie TO TAKE AWAY.

Who wants to take the fresh beer with him – can do it!

We are the first place in Warsaw, with special beer installation for pouring fresh beer to take away.

It is enough to buy a bottle from the bartender and ask him to fill it.

The lifetime of such beer is 24 hours from the moment of filling.

Straight from the tank a delicious Froth!