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Pianka z tanka

About us

Escape the reality

Pianka z Tanka is the best around-the-clock restaurant in Warsaw. It was created with love to fresh, unpasteurised beer, great food and spending time with those who are nearest to your heart. From the very beggining we meant to create the place, where our guests will feel like home – a place where they will gladly visit. We wanted a casual atmosphere to have a beer and a great meal even in the middle of a night. Thanks to our work we made it came true! Pianka is the one of its kind allowing to escape from reality and relax in the middle of the fast, big city.

The best food

PPianka is the best around-the-clock restaurant in which we can live with our two passions – good beer and cooking. We love traditional, polish cuisine, but we’re not afraid to experiment and stand a new challenges – even it it involves working with untypical tastes and strange food. That makes our menu so special and varied. In our restaurant you can order well known dishes like beef tartare fried black pudding but also meals inspired with world cuisine – italian pasta, sea fruits, great steaks and burgers. We try to prepare the recipes so they could create a nice connections with our beers. Meals served in our restaurant taste great with this golden beverage.


najlepsza całodobowa restauracja w Warszawie - Pianka z Tanka

najlepsza całodobowa restauracja w Warszawie - Pianka z Tanka


Not only the best around-the-clock restaurant in Warsaw…
Pianka is not only the best non-stop restaurant in Warsaw. It is as well great pub with big offer of drinks. Our beer quality makes us proud. It is stored in tanks, where we provide temperature of 6 °C and try to reduce air supply. That guaranty it freshness and flavour. We keep and share a beer in tank only 14 days after tank is open to assure it freshness and special flavour, that you will not experience in any other bar. We are among a few pubs that offer this kind of beer to our guests. We also grant the quests the possibility to buy this beer in take-away form.
We have a big offer of meals inspired by the cuisine from every corner of the globe, a beer from tanks and many other drinks – alcohol and alcohol free. In cold evening a warming tea will the best choice. Take an italian coffe in the morning to wake up and get ready to work. Later after shift we suggest classical coctails like Mojito or Margarita, or others from our original drink compositions. You can make a dinner even more elegant with delicious wine or champagnes. Those who are interested in stronger alcoholes can check our vodkas, gin, tequila or whisky.

The best Warsaw round the clock restaurant- Pianka z Tanka
The best Warsaw round the clock restaurant - Pianka z Tanka
The best Warsaw round the clock restaurant - Pianka z Tanka

The best around-the-clock restaurant in Warsaw Pianka drink & food invite you to have a nice, fresh beer from tank and original food. It is special place just in the center of the capital, where you can enjoy great food in nice interior 24/7. .


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