Around-the-clock pub

in Warsaw

Pianka z Tanka is not only great restaurant but also a non-stop bar in Warsaw. Our biggest passion is beer. We are among few pubs in capital that offers fresh, not older than 14-days, unpasteurised beer from a tank which has unique taste and aroma. We also came up with big offer of the best liquors. All our drinks and alcohols made perfect compositions with our food. If you’re looking for good pub to have a drink after shift, meeting with friends, birthday or bachelor party, oreven buisness meetings Pianka will be te best choice!

Beer is stored in tanks. We keep it in temperaturę of 6°C and reduce air supply. Thanks to these actions 14-days Tyskie Gronie has a deep, great taste and aroma. We offer more draft and bottle beers. We proudly call ourselfs a beer bar. We also sell fresh take-away beer in bottles – so you can enjoy good beer next day or can be original gift. Pianka z Tanka is the only pub in Warsaw, where you can taste not older than 14 – days, fresh Tyskie Gronie beer.

Beer is our speciality but not only kind of drink we offer. You can also try many other alcohols and drinks in our bar. During the day you can have good, italian coffe to wake up or sweet chocolate Vergnano. For the cold evening you can have warming Harney & Sons tea. For refined dinner we suggest excellent wine and for an occasion delicious bubbles. For casual events a good choice will be one of our fantastic, original drinks and coctails (classical like Mojito, as well as our special compositions). Enthusiasts of the strong alcohols will not be dissapointed. We’ve fot the best vodkas, whisky, cogniacs and many others.

Visit Pianka and see for yourself – this is the best around-the-clock bar, that you will recomend to your friends

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