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Pianka z tanka

Pianka 2.0 is a continuation and development of the concept of our roots, the Pianka food & drink restaurant, located in the Center of Warsaw Śródmieście, at 12 Zgoda Street. Contrary to the original concept, Pianka 2.0 is not a place open 24 hours a day, but definitely geared on standard restaurant hours. In order to develop, we focused on a unique space that is warm, family-like and full of real living green flowers. All this makes that, in combination with the original cuisine of our Chef Kamil, we are able to tastefully welcome each of you with the dishes based on traditional Polish cuisine with elements of dishes inspired by flavours from around the world.

About US

Round-the clock restaurant in Warsaw

Pianka 2.0 offer you can find equally your favourite culinary items and colourful cocktails.

Therefore, Pianka 2.0 will be your favourite place for a Sunday dinner with children, lunch during working hours, a casual date, as well as a birthday, company or holiday meeting!

Pianka is a place created primarily out of passion for cooking and love for beer and cocktails.

Come and see yourself!

Original Menu

Original menu

Original Menu



Kamil, after gastronomic school graduation, spent several years in London, where he learned culinary art from the best chefs. He was also a chef at the best Italian restaurant in Cracow- run by native Sardinians. For our chef, cooking is a passion to which he is completely devoted, he likes experiments in the form of molecular cuisine, but also appreciates the classics. In Pianka, Kamil offers the flavours of international cuisine, thanks to which every guest of our restaurant is able to find themselves in tastes, which are partially known to each other. The prepared menu is based on seasonal products, which guarantees freshness and variety of dishes, it is a real fusion of creativity, modernity and taste!

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