About us

Pianka z tanka

About us

Escape the reality

Pianka z Tanka is the best around-the-clock restaurant in Warsaw. It was created with love to fresh beer, great food and spending time with those who are nearest to your heart. From the very beggining we meant to create the place, where our guests will feel like home – a place where they will gladly visit. We wanted a casual atmosphere to have a beer and a great meal even in the middle of a night. Thanks to our work we made it came true! Pianka is the one of its kind allowing to escape from reality and relax in the middle of the fast, big city.

The best food

Pianka is the best 24-hour restaurant in Warsaw, where our two greatest passions combine – delicious cocktails and cooking. We love traditional Polish cuisine, but we are not afraid of taking on new challenges and experimenting, even with unusual flavors or dishes. That is why our menu is extremely rich. You will find here both well-known Polish dishes, such as beef tartare, but also dishes inspired by cuisines around the world – from Italian pasta to Indian dishes. We try to combine our passion for cooking with the expectations of a real beer drinker. The dishes we serve are the perfect addition to our favorite golden drink. They blend perfectly with it, and the unique flavors and aromas complement each other.