The best beer in


The best beer in Warsaw


Which beer is the best in Warsaw? It is beer straight from the tanka, which you can drink in Pianka. We are among a few pub that offers fresh Tyskie Gronie not stored more than 14-days from opening the tank. It’s unique flavour is assured by providing the best storage conditions. If you want to drink the best beer in Warsaw, you should visit Pianka!


of a beer from a tank

Technology of a Tank Beer was created about first half of 80’ of XX century in Netherlands by Jan Ummels, who worked in Dommelsch brewery. He already knew the methods to improve the quality of a beer.

In Grolsch brewery in Holland first installations of tanks where build in 1981. Today there is about 600 places, where you can by SABMiller beer from tanks (beers such as Grolsch or Pilsner Urquell).

Czech brewery Pilsne Urquell made their first tank installation in 1994. These days there is already about 650 locations selling SABMiller tank beers (like PU, Gambrinus, Radegast and Kozel).

Kompania Piwowarska is the first brewery that build tanks in Poland. First installation were made in 2012 on the south part of a country.


The best beer in Warsaw - restauracja Pianka z tanka



The best beer in Warsaw- restauracja Pianka z tanka

What is

14-days Tyskie Gronie

Tyskie Gronie is pilsen type beer with strong, hop and fine bitter flavour. Its feed with carbone dioxided and have nice foam.

This beer is delivered to it’s final destination in 24 hours after brewing. It is sold in restauration no longer than 14 days after opening the tank. It quaranty freshness of a beer and also it’s fantastic flavour an aroma.

PThe beer from a tank is not pasteurized or microfiltrated. It’s not put through any other fixing process. That’s why beer from a tank is good for drink for only 14 – days. The beer is transported and stored in specialy prepared tanks. The temperature kept in tanks is 6°C. It is important to reduce air supply in tank. It makes 14 – days beer has deep taste and nice aroma. It is less fizzy, what makes it more soft. You can feel its amazing freshness in every drop.

Comparing keg beer and tank beer

Keg beer

  • Pasteurized beer
  • Delivered by warehous
  • Cooling by installation only
  • Contents a lot of carbon dioxided
  • Its is good about 3 day after opening the kegLose of beer while changing kegs
  • Additional amount of CO2

Piwo z tanka

  • Unpareurized beer
  • Beer is delivered from the brewery
  • Cooling all the time – from brewery to glass
  • No contact with oxygene and CO2
  • It is good to drink 14 days after opening the tank
  • No lose of the beer while changing the tanks
  • No additional CO2


tank beer

In our restaurant in Warsaw you can buy the best beer Tyskie Gronie with tank to take-away

It is now possible to take your fresh beer away from our restaurant. It is perfect solution for those who wants to enjoy special taste of the fresh brewed beer in your own home. Take-away beer i salso the great gift idea for all beer enthusiasts.

We are the first place in Warsaw, where the special system of the pouring beer was installed. Its functions is to pour the beer into bottles to take-away.

You just need to buy a bottle from the bartender and ask for filling it with delicious, fresh beer. It will be good to drink for 24 hours from the moment it was poured.

Straight from the Tank – delicious foam


The best beer in Warsaw - restauracja Pianka z tanka

Come and visit Pianka – 24 hours, 7 days in the week. We offer the best beer in Warsaw. We could spend hours and days on describing fantastic tank beer. There are no words that can fully describe incredible flavour of it. We belive that everybody who will try beer from tank will become in love in taste of it and will agree with us, that if the best beer in Warsaw.

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